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You come around here, you'd better bring a witness...

My name is Emily, not "M." M is a letter, not a name.

I love writing - poetry, short stories, novels, it doesn't matter what. No, I am not published, but I hope to be one day. Until then, I will work on my skills and tale-telling.

I am opinionated and easily angered by human stupidity. Do not provoke me into using the razor edge of my snarkiness.

I currently attend a small liberal arts college in the midwest. It's a locale full to bursting with people who seem to believe that their opinion is more valid than everyone else's, and, while my friends are not among such beings, the rest of campus irritates me more than a little.

I am not accustomed to drama. Not used to it at all. However, I appear to have acquired drama falling from the sky like a rain of doom since I got to college. *sigh* So much for a calm college experience, eh?

I am author, hear me scribble. I am opinionated, hear me snark. I am young woman, hear me roar.

I am Emily.